• Innovation Philosophy

  •         Since our founding, Maxunitech has greatly valued innovation and put significant resources in researching and developing innovative products, technology, and solutions. We share a similar point of view with Pro. Kline (Stanford University) on innovation, the chain-linked model. We begin by identifying unfilled market needs which drives research and design. Then we turn to redesign and production, with close and complex feedback loops between marketing, R&D, design and production divisions in each of the various stages of production. Our result: products that are the first and best in the generic market. 

            We employ three types of innovation defined by Gene Meieran (Intel ® senior researcher) for development and research, namely: 

    (1) breakthrough innovation, characterized by stereotypes, and stride to change the traditional jump; 

    (2) incremental innovation, characterized by taking the next logical step, let things get better; and 

    (3) then use the innovation, characterized by the use of lateral thinking, a new way of things the original application.  

            As a result, we have developed and delivered many off-patent molecules with our own patented processes, avoiding technical barriers built by the R&D companies. Under the same philosophy, we will continue working on innovative formulations and applications of agrochemicals in collaboration with our clients and research institutions globally.